Solutions for Businesses
1. training services  2.worker recruitment assistance  3.strategic planning or economic development  3. client support services 4.access untapped labor pools


Input Meetings (2)  O Listen to Business Board + Business Services Staff 
Workforce Development Plan Active Solutions        Board + Business Services Staff
Contracts  Agreements & Details          Business Services Staff
Reporting  Metrics: Monthly & Quarterly  Business Services Staff
Input Data Client MJL Maintenance Business Services Staff



    • On-the-Job Training         • Incumbent Worker Training       • Transitional Jobs 
    • Customized Training        • Work Experience                        • Apprenticeship 


    • Supporting the employer’s search for qualified applicants 
    • Identifying job requirements and providing employers with staff support for screening and preemployment interviews of program participants that would be appropriate candidates 
    • Providing space at the one-stop for employers to conduct screening and interviews  
    • Taking job order information and promoting employer opportunities  
    • Conducting special recruitment efforts including out-of-state recruitment for candidates with special skills  
    • Organizing, conducting and participating in job fairs 
    • Explaining tools, the employer can use to do job task analysis 
    • Providing or referring to resources the employer can use to analyze and address employee turnover/retention and or absenteeism  


    • Outreach to youth, veterans, individuals with disabilities, older workers, ex-offenders, and other target demographic groups  
    • Connecting the employer to WOTC applications  
    • Connecting to or providing industry awareness campaigns  
    • Connecting to or establishing joint partnerships with high-schools, community colleges, or other programs to improve employee skill levels  
    • Connecting to or establishing joint partners to address English proficiency and vocational training 
    • Providing or referring to information on programs improving acceptance of diversity in the workplace


        • Customized workforce information on state, regional, and local labor market & industry conditions.
        • Customized workforce information on occupations, the characteristics of the workforce skills businesses need.
        • Information on local employment dynamics such as workforce availability, supply/demand, turnover rates, job creation & identification of high growth and demand occupations 
        • Linkage and referrals to community resources that support their workforce needs 
        • Info on employment related issues, employment and labor law 
        • Info on tax credits, workforce incentives such as Federal Bonding


        • Participating in community-based strategic planning 
        • Sponsoring employer or industry forums  
        • Securing and sharing information on industry trends 
        • Providing workforce information for economic development planning 
        • Partnering in collaborative efforts to identify workforce challenges and develop strategies to address them

       1   Meeting – Workforce Needs Input, Discussion, & Forecast

      The Annual / Introduction Meeting is the first steps that will help a firm meets its current & future training and workforce demand through regional cooperation.

        • Explore what the occupational needs for the client and its industries in the categories of 1. recruitment 2. retention and 3. succession.
        • Assess the skills, credentials, and gaps in the talent landscape
        • Delve beyond public data to uncover business realities in the region
        • Study county commuting patterns and now COVID induced migration patterns
        • Opportunities for offenders, youth, remote work, & careers in transition

       2 Plan Workforce Services

      The Workforce Service Plan schedules selected services to meet needs for a period of up to 1 year.  It determines what goals are critical and what deliverables are expected.

        • Staff creates short ideas list based on industrial analysis.
        • Staff Meets with Service Provider to discuss ideas and form a strategy and implementation plan.
        • Service Provider Talent Landscape Assessment
        • Service Provider and Staff with client to create a 1-2-3 Workforce Plan


       3-4-5   Fine Print & Metrics

      The Workforce Service Plan will have accompanying contracts to provide free services such as OTJ, Customized Training, & Talent Landscape Survey. Staff will help firm with MJL requirements and with

      3 Workforce Contracts, Agreements & Details

      4 Client MJL Reporting – State Database Business Service Provider

      5 Client Monthly or Quarterly Metrics to build performance (3)