As required under WIOA, Maine has identified three workforce regions (Northeastern, Central Western, and Coastal Counties); each region has one Local Workforce Development Board (Local Board); as such, the terms Local Plan and Regional Plan shall be interchangeable for the purpose of this guidance and plan submittal requirements.

Local plans must align with the State’s Unified Plan and must also address the specific provisions As set forth in WIOA Section 108, each Local Board is required to develop and submit a comprehensive 4-year Plan and to review such plans at the end of the first two years of the four year period. The relevant documents for the current process are linked below.

Local Plans must be submitted to both the Director of the State Workforce Development Board and the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Labor. Local Plans will be reviewed on the requirements set forth in this guidance and a recommendation will be made to the Governor regarding the approval of each plan.

Relevant Maine DOL PY 17-06 Documents

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Section 3 D: WIOA Section, 107
Section 3 G: WIOA Section 188
Section 4 B: WIOA Section 134(a)(2)(A)
Section 4 J: WIOA Section 129 (a)(1)(B)(iii)(VII) & (a)(1)(C)(iv)(VII)
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Section 9 E: WIOA 101(d)(6)
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