One Workforce Local Area Plan and Process

The Central Western Maine Workforce Development Board oversees WIOA Title1B employment and training funding and the One Workforce System in Androscoggin, Franklin, Kennebec, Oxford, and Somerset counties. Maine has three Local Workforce Areas and this area is sometimes called Region 3.

The Central Western Maine One Workforce Local Area Plan and process development serves as a collaborative and engaging method to create an actionable four-year action plan with expert economic forecasting. The One Workforce Local Area Plan will develop, align, and integrate service delivery strategies to support the State’s vision and strategic and operational goals. The local plan sets strategy to direct investments in economic, education, and workforce training programs to focus on providing relevant education and training to ensure individuals, including individuals with barriers to employment, have the skills to compete in the job market and employers have a ready supply of skilled workers.

Price Proposal for Local Area Plan — Response Details and Deadline

All prices and correspondence regarding this opportunity should be sent to CWM Staff, via, with Local Plan in the subject line. Prices for Tasks A, B and C including the vendor’s legal name and a project staff list must be submitted as a single 8.5″ x 11″ page with single-spaced 12 point type in PDF format and received via email to by 02/19/2021. The project has a full completion deadline of June 1, 2021. Please indicate very clearly if the responding entity is a veteran, woman, or minority owned business and/or has a majority workforce of same. This is 100% funded by the One Workforce System under WIOA Title 1B through the Maine Department of Labor.

CWM Local Area Plan Project Scope of Work — Download here

State PY 20-04 Draft Local Plan Policy — Download here

Current Local Area Plan— Download here