CWMWDB refers employers to its Service Provider in an organized Employer Services workforce development program according to our program sources.  We seek a high level of service provision and labor retention for our region.  The Service Provider implements all aspects of service provision including a workforce development plan and making referrals as required or needed. Contracting, customer service feedback and other items are also part of this service. Board staff monitors this progress with benchmarks, reporting results, monitoring expenses, assisting with outreach to diversity the thinking of area messaging and issuing local policy directives in line with WIOA.  


  • On-the-Job Training         • Incumbent Worker Training       • Transitional Jobs 
  • Customized Training        Work Experience                        Apprenticeship 


  • Supporting the employer’s search for qualified applicants 
  • Identifying job requirements and providing employers with staff support for screening and preemployment interviews of program participants that would be appropriate candidates 
  • Providing space at the one-stop for employers to conduct screening and interviews  
  • Taking job order information and promoting employer opportunities  
  • Conducting special recruitment efforts including out-of-state recruitment for candidates with special skills  
  • Organizing, conducting and participating in job fairs 
  • Explaining tools, the employer can use to do job task analysis 
  • Providing or referring to resources the employer can use to analyze and address employee turnover/retention and or absenteeism  


  • Outreach to youth, veterans, individuals with disabilities, older workers, ex-offenders, and other target demographic groups  
  • Connecting the employer to WOTC applications  
  • Connecting to or providing industry awareness campaigns  
  • Connecting to or establishing joint partnerships with high-schools, community colleges, or other programs to improve employee skill levels  
  • Connecting to or establishing joint partners to address English proficiency and vocational training 
  • Providing or referring to information on programs improving acceptance of diversity in the workplace


  • Customized workforce information on state, regional, and local labor market & industry conditions.
  • Customized workforce information on occupations, the characteristics of the workforce skills businesses need.
  • Information on local employment dynamics such as workforce availability, supply/demand, turnover rates, job creation & identification of high growth and demand occupations 
  • Linkage and referrals to community resources that support their workforce needs 
  • Info on employment related issues, employment and labor law 
  • Info on tax credits, workforce incentives such as Federal Bonding


  • Sponsoring employer or industry forums for workforce efforts to provide better training and access to career pathways
  • Participating in community-based strategic planning for workforce efforts to provide better training and access to career pathways
  • Securing and sharing information on industry trends for workforce efforts to provide better training and access to career pathways
  • Partnering in collaborative efforts to identify workforce challenges and develop strategies to address them using best practices from other areas.
  • Providing workforce information for economic development planning related to improving the overall labor force participation in needed high demand occupations