Maine Department of Labor Complaint Process  

https://www.maine.gov/labAppendix For/bls/pscf/

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 


Maine Career Center Complaint

Existing Career Center Complaint-Procedure PDF here


CWMWDB Verification of Complaint Form  

It is required that one files an Official MDOL Complaint or EEOC complaint if applicable to the situation prior to submitting a form to CWMWDB.  If Labor Policy or EEOC matters are not at issue, please fill the CWMWDB form out first. Thank you for your input.


Grievance or Complaint

The purpose of this form is to allow a person to provide an online complaint or grievance.
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Please help us understand where the violation occured.
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Please help us understand when the issue ocurred.
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Employer Name(Required)
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Does the alleged violation threaten imminent death or serious harm?(Required)
Has the condition been discussed with your employer and no action taken?(Required)
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