We are the OneWorkforce System: 20 partners plus that meet monthly to deploy needed services using hubs, spokes, pop up locations, mobile units, and other methods to provide inclusive access to U.S. DOL Employment & Training Programs.  No Mainer is left behind by the OneWorkforce System and WorkforceMaine.  We provide anyone in need or any business in need with authentic points of contact to receive the benefits you deserve. Contact workforce@cwmwdb.org to become a part of the OneWorkforce System and the WorkforceMaine Team.


The OneWorkforce System in Region 3 uses the Delphi Method of communication throughout its MOU and IFA processes, which are ongoing living compacts between system partners.  The Delphi Method deters from shared bias and other effects of homogeneous group membership. The CWMWDB staff noted that the Central Western Maine decision makers were extremely alike with a shared work history too. Lack of diversity in this manner can only lead to herding conformity, shared bias, and many other symptoms of Group Think even amongst the best of people.  For example, the Required Partner group was predominantly one race, one gender, one ethnic group, one age range, one education level, clustered in social services and education, and at the same income levels.

We began our feedback process with one on one interviews with partner programs to hear their isolated input.  We collected their data independently and asked them to first focus on their data and not what others were thinking.  We met in a group for the first time to review procedural issues on July 21, 2021.   A refresher in the procedural rules used in American group meetings was created along with information about the Delphi method.  Beginning in October 2021, System Partners will meet monthly in meetings facilitated by the Central Western Maine Region One Stop Operator, the Eastern Maine Development Corporation.

The Delphi Method of decision making was developed by the RAND Corporation in the 1950s. It been shown to lead to better group decisions. The process is that first, group members, privately outline their individual opinion and rationale.  This Information is passed on to a moderator who collates an anonymized summary. Group members are presented with this information and given the opportunity to revise their initial opinion.  This process is repeated until consensus, or some pre-specified stop criterion is reached.

Learn about our Memorandum of Understanding Process.

Learn about our Infrastructure Cost Sharing Process.

Eastern Maine Development Corporation is the five county workforce implementation leader for the integrated and coordinated delivery of services for the following partners:

  • Central Western Maine Workforce Development Board, Adult, Dislocated Worker & Youth programs;
  • Maine Department of Education, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Employment Services programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Trade Adjustment Assistance programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Jobs for Veteran’s State Grant programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, Unemployment programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Vocational Rehabilitation programs;
  • Maine Community College System and Campuses, Postsecondary Carl B. Perkins Act grants;
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Community Services Block Grant;
  • Association for Training and Development (A4TD), Senior Community Services Employment Programs;
  • Pathstone, The National Farmworker Jobs Program;
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, YouthBuild Lewiston grant, CCWI provider & Workforce Collaborative member