Quarterly Board Meetings:
Fourth Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

January 27, 2021 Annual Goals, Opioid Amendment, Budget Changes, Board Nominations
April 28, 2021 One Workforce Approach USDOLUpdate on Workforce Conditions CWRI; Meeting Packet; Local Plan Focus Forums extended time until noon.   
June 9, 2021 Special Meeting Internal 10% Budget, Fiscal Policy Change, PY 21 Grant Budgets   ZOOM FOR THIS MEETING ONLY LINK HERE
July 28, 2021 PY 2021 Budget & Milestone Update Add to calendar
October 27, 2021 Fall RFPs  & Risk Analysis & Performance Metrics Add to calendar



Chief Elected Officials Board:
First Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 am

January 6, 2021 Annual Goals & Board Member Nomination Process (WIOA Required)
February 3, 2021 CEO By Laws (WIOA Required) & WIOA Milestone Review
March 4, 3pm Spring RFPs & MOU (WIOA Required), Youth Plan, Budget Changes
May 5, 2021 PY 2021 Review Funding; PY 2022 Preview Draft Budget & Give Input
May 26, 2021 Special Meeting  Special Time 10-11 AM  Agenda The meeting can be joined using the following link:
June 2 2021 PY 2022 Board Budget, PY 21 WIOA Grant Budget, Fiscal Policy Changes, Update on MOU and Local Plan.
August 4, 2021 PY 2022 Preview Monitoring Compliance & Give Input: Revised to Operations 90% Plan; Board Statistics Review& Database; Bob Devlin Letter; Add to calendar
September 1, 2021 PY 2021 Annual Report & Local Plan Update & Give Input Add to calendar
November 3, 2021 PY 2022 Preview Milestone Planning & Give Input Add to calendar
December 1, 2021 Review Local Plan Update & Give Input Add to calendar

Zoom Link Here — Press to Join Meeting.

EC – Operational Committee of the Board:
Second Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 am

January 13, 2021 Annual Goals, New Opioid Contract Amendment, Budget Changes, Board Nominations
January 20, 2021* Special session for members not present on 1/13 
February 10, 2021 Milestone Review, One Stop Certification Review, CWMWI By-laws
March 10, 2021 Spring RFPs & MOU (WIOA Required)   Official Meeting Packet
March 16, 2021 Budget Line Item Changes & Youth Focus Plan   Item Here
May 12, 2021 PY 2021 Review: Funding & Status; Approval PY2022 Budget 
June 9, 2021 Service Provider Update; Board Update Plan, Procurements, Sectors

Time Certain 9 am Annual 10% Budget; PY21 WIOA Grant, Fiscal Policy Changes

Add to calendar
August 11, 2021 PY 2021 Annual Report & Analysis, Review Monitoring Compliance Items Add to calendar
September 8, 2021 PY 2022 Monitoring Compliance Items Approval Add to calendar
November 10, 2021 PY 2022 Milestone Planning Presentation & Ideas to Explore For PY2021 Add to calendar
December 8, 2021 Annual Review (Required) Add to calendar


Zoom Link Here — Press to Join Operational Meetings.

CWMWDB Voting Members are the CLEO-appointed CWMWDB Board of Directors. CLEO Board Voting Members are the five appointed County Commissioners. Between meetings, some business is discussed at the publicly noticed meetings of the EC Operational Committee which is proposed to be constituted in 2021 of two Local Area Board Officers, the Chief CLEO, CWMWI Executive Director, the Local Area Board Resources and Youth Chairs, and other members as decided by the Chair.

Maine Public Notice Pursuant to Title 1 Chapter 13, Section 403

For cybersecurity protocol, please emaiinfo@cwmwdb.org to register your email, First and Last Name, prior to the virtual event. Because of recent attacks on public Zoom events, we will verify identities prior to events.