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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) calls for an integrated and coordinated service delivery system that leverages and maximizes resources in a way that reduces unnecessary duplication of services; Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) serve as the blueprint for how this will occur at each local level.

One of the main goals of WIOA is to strengthen the ability of the public workforce system to align investments in workforce education, and economic development in support of local and regional in-demand industry sectors and jobs. Another key goal is providing customers with access to high-quality one-stops that are customer-centered and provide access to a full range of services.

It is the role of the local boards to negotiate and facilitate the MOU with required partners. The MOU serves as a functional tool, as well as a visionary plan, for how the local board and local partners will work together to create a unified service delivery system that meets the needs of their shared customers. The MOU development process can be viewed in two stages: stage one addresses service coordination and collaboration amongst the partners; stage two addresses how to sustain the unified system through cost sharing. Collaboration is essential for implementing a system that will meet the skilled workforce needs of employers and prepares an educated and skilled workforce.

To support and advance our vision and address the challenges and opportunities of our regional labor market and workforce, Central/Western Maine Workforce Development Board (CWMWDB) worked with partner representatives of the CWMWDB to formulate goals and strategies targeted to employers, job seekers and workers, and the workforce development system. In the context and intent of this MOU the term “partners” has the same meaning and effect as the term “parties.”

WIOA Required Partners

Per 20 CFR 678.415, the partners required to enter into this MOU with CWMWDB are those partner entities that act as the grant recipient / administrative entity responsible for administering the program grant funds. The term “entity” does not include service providers that the grant administrators contract with, nor does it include sub recipients of the local administrative entity.

  • Central Western Maine Workforce Development Board, Adult, Dislocated Worker & Youth programs;
  • Maine Department of Education, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Employment Services programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Trade Adjustment Assistance programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Services, Jobs for Veteran’s State Grant programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, Unemployment programs;
  • Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Vocational Rehabilitation programs;
  • Maine Community College System and Campuses, Postsecondary Carl B. Perkins Act grants;
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Community Services Block Grant;
  • Association for Training and Development (A4TD), Senior Community Services Employment Programs;
  • Eastern Maine Development Corporation, National Farmworker Jobs Program;
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, YouthBuild Lewiston grant; ***


IFA Partner Contribution Detail

As required by Federal law and State Policy, WIOA Partners must annually detail their monetary and in-kind contributions as WIOA partners to each Career Center’s Infrastructure Cost. This is to obtain an accurate cost of running the workforce system.


Cost Item Total Lewiston CC Augusta CC Wilton CC N Kenn Valley CC South Paris Rumford East Wilton/WMCA
Rent (including utilities)
Tenant Improvements
Building Maintenance
Building Security
Telephone Costs-Shared Areas
Computer/Internet- Shared Areas
Telephone Costs- Office areas
Computer/Internet- Office areas
Office Supplies
Equipment- New purchases, maintenance, and repair
Equipment- Assistive Equip. ADA
Software not shared
Total Infastructure Cost                –                –                –                –                –                –                –
Career Services:
Personal Services
Other  (workshop, training etc)
Total Career Services Cost                –                –                –                –                –                –
Shared Services:
Contracted Services
Total Shared Services Cost                –                –                –                –                –                –                –
Total Infrastructure Cost


IFA Template