The procurement determination process and more is detailed in the below documents:

2020-M2 Official RFP Award Recommendation July 14, 2020

2020-M3 Recommendations for a Transition Plan

CWMWDB EMDC Presentation July 2020

Further Procurement Information

An RFP SCORING MATRIX was a part of each application and part of the instructions given to each Selection Committee Member who used this point based tool to arrive at their own individual rankings of each proposal.  An analysis of these deliberations is below for informational purposes. 

It is the final ranking of the respondents that serves as the basis of the recommendation to the CWMWDB.  The Selection Committee agreed the top ranked firm in both RFPs was the Eastern Maine Development Corporation.


Based on the #1 ranking of EMDC by individual committee members in both RFP processes, a unanimous decision was made to recommend the award of both RFPs to EMDC. The decision was approved by the Chair as valid and bona fide, dually motioned and passed on July 1, 2020.

Qualified Bids Reviewed for RFP 2020-01

EMDC CWMWDB WIOA Adult DW OSO Proposal 2020

Goodwill RFP 2020.01 Adult

WMCA Proposal RFP 2020-01

Qualified Bids Reviewed for RFP 2020-02

EMDC CWMWDB WIOA Youth Proposal 2020

Goodwill RFP 2020.02 Youth

WMCA Proposal RFP 2020-02